Doge's Palace

I am a Harvard Law School student embarking on a journey to be a lawyer. In addition to law, traveling, eating, and dressing up enrich my otherwise “technical” life. This blog serves as my outlet to capture the moments in and outside of law school and eventually my legal career.

Why a blog?

A thoughtful and wonderful friend of mine, gifted me with this domain in my name after failing to acquire one in his own. He is now working on his start-up, Quotesome and other ventures, but I’ll always be grateful that he gave me the gift of sharing.

At first, this website was a Me profile that shared limited information about who I am. After about two years, I decided to dust off the page and do something with it. What’s a webpage without content afterall? My first instinct turned to what I love: eating, traveling, and dressing up. And so this became a fashion, food, and travel corner where I store pieces of my memories and share them with you.

Though I took a break from blogging in 2014 when I started law school.  Now in my final year of law school, I figure, if I were to have time, that time would be now.

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey

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