Food | Chocolate Buffet, the Perfect Post-Exam Relief

Congratulations to everyone who just took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)! It had been a super hectic experience, but full of fun and surprises.

There are a few things that we did not realize until the very last minute that 1) only No. 2 and HB pencils are allowed 2) cellphones are not allowed “on-site” literally. So fortunately we had the forethought of grabbing free No.2 pencils from our library’s reference desk, but figured that there must be pencil sharpeners everywhere right? Well, not exactly, when you are trying to look for one at 9pm the night before and the library has closed. We went to CVS, looked long and hard in the stationary aisle, but long and behold, the only empty rack? That’s the pencil sharpener rack. My guess is that they’ve been cleaned out by other more astute or prepared test takers who thought to check before the last minute. At which point, we went to the book store, and apparently “we don’t have a pencil sharpener in this building.” Way to be technologically advanced LSAC. Who uses No.2 pencil and prohibit mechanical pencil in this day and age?

Our solution? We used an eyebrow pencil sharpener. I have to admit that the shape of the pencil came out odd, but we did it, boys. Not that they don’t provide it at the testing center, but one can never be too sure, right?

On the cellphone front, we didn’t really think they mean “no cellphone” when they said “no cellphone.” Who can live without a cellphone this day and age? Apparently the test takers do and have to. We arrived on site using our cellphone to hail a Lyft. Thinking that the test center is at Hilton hotel, obviously we can leave things at the concierge, right? So you would think. Nope, the testing administrators explicitly instructed the receptionists to not take any item from the test takers. Seriously?

So now I’m really panicking, our Lyft driver took us on a detour (they later refunded the extra leg), but we arrived at our test center barely on time. Good thing there was a throng of people waiting to be checked in. But back to the cellphone issue. Cellphone is ground for disqualification if brought into the testing site. We contemplated 1) pretending our bag is “found” and leave it at the front desk as lost & found (I think that’s technically lying and would be ironic when we are taking a professional responsibility exam) 2) leaving it out in the lobby (doesn’t seem too wise) 3) hiding it behind a cushion or under a sofa (we were afraid we’d be taken as a terrorist and escorted or tackled down) 4) look for a good Samaritan who will lend a helping hand.

Apparently the fourth option more than worked. I asked a woman randomly and the next thing I know, she handed me her car keys and said, “now, don’t drive off with my car, but it’s in the garage with a California plate.” You know that warm and fuzzy feeling, that was what I was feeling. Though wandering around the parking lot chilled it a little bit, but that just demonstrate the contrast. Warm and fuzzy California and cold and brisk East Coast.

I will abide by my statement and not orally repeat anything on the exam and say that I finished it and it was not too dreadful.

After the exam, I looked for our good Samaritan. For all of you that doubted her, shame on you. We had a wonderful conversation walking to her car at which point she offered us a ride to the nearest non-boonie place in Boston. Did I mention that our testing center was relocated from Boston to Dedham, which is about 30-40 minutes out? But yes, I love California and Californians. We are not skeptical and hesitant to show our kindness. She has our eternal gratitude. My takeaway from that day? Can’t wait to go back to California after graduation!

We celebrated by visiting Cafe Fleuri at the Langham Hotel for their famous chocolate buffet.


I have to admit we squealed like girls when we saw all the dessert selections. Oh wait, we are girls. Anywho, being the analytics that we are and pride for efficiency, we each selected a table and proceeded to grab one of everything. There’s no shame in sharing, when we get to try… oh wait for it… EVERYTHING. Truthfully, I rather enjoyed more the part where we ogled and admired at the desserts, and less so the part where we spoon mountains of sugar in our mouth because they ended up tasting the same. I mildly remembered a passion fruit, dark chocolate infused with earl grey, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin, coconut, but that’s probably the extent. Oh right, the crepe with mixed berries and strawberry was actually a wonderful ending to the meal as it was tart and perfect texture. What can I say, if you are free on Saturday and have not been here and have a major sweet tooth like me, check it out!


I have to mention that we had an amazing waiter. Not only did he cater to our every need, he let us each keep a super adorable pink pen and gave us each a pink to-go bag. Ok, I admit I asked for them, but you never know until you ask. And I’m glad I did. They’re so pink & cute!


Cafe Fleuri @ Langham Hotel 2nd floor
250 Franklin St.
Boston, MA 02110
Saturdays: 11am – 3pm
Adults: $45
Children 5-12: $35
Children <5: complimentary
Reserve here

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