Fall is here and I’m back!


The color is beautiful in fall… OK. That’s not the reason for this post. This post is more personal in that I’ve decided to return to writing and sharing more tidbits of my life. Something special happened today and I would like to share it with you. You may have noticed the little cellphone jack on the top of this post. It’s a little souvenir from my brother with my zodiac, a wee 5 mm creature.

Yesterday morning, in a frenzy between picking up a call and just starting to wake up, the charm was caught in the vent and off it went disappearing into the dark abyss. OK, not that bottomless, but you see, the picture below, it seemed pretty hopeless when the heater vent was sealed shut. For the first minute, whilst the phone still ringing, I stood there, looking at this heater vent.


I thought about not telling anyone and pretend it was lost, which it technically is. I sense its presence, except it’s not with me. So in my infinite wisdom, I emailed our facilities and pleaded them to rescue my little charm from the endless abyss, OK… I exaggerate again. I’m sure it made our facilities team’s Monday morning more interesting upon receiving my email. Though what they may not realize my eternal gratitude and the happiness I felt when I saw this charm on my desk as if it’s never gone through the journey with the possibility of never seeing daylight ever again. Oh, and knowing that this thing is slowly melting away when the heater is on… Oh the torment.


The emotional roller coaster this wee thing has caused me, but wouldn’t you say these are the little moments that make your life more interesting?

Also, a sneak preview of one of my future posts, a review of MM LaFleur, a brand that caught my eyes championing as the place for business professionals who hate shopping. Though I may not be pegged as one who dislike shopping, MM LaFleur’s quality is exquisite and the cut is perfect for someone who has to get things tailored even after getting the smallest size. Did I mention machine-washable and wrinkle-free?


This is my #outofoffice experience with their Boston pop-up shop this weekend. Can’t wait to receive my bento box of goodies. And did I mention I may have gotten a trusty old friend to do some of the photography for me? Perhaps it’s high time to let my remote clicker and propping camera up on fire place rest.

It’s good to be back!

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