Breakfast of Choice

Patisserie 46, my new discovery in St. Paul, Minnesota. The best way to wake up to a nice morning is sipping a cup of hot coffee or cocoa with beautifully executed latte art. Lucia cake and pistachio macaron up close. Lucia is named after the P46 matriarchal Grandmother. With a traditional chocolate mousse, vanilla crème brulee,

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Purchase Philosophy

It takes time, money, and energy to become a smart shopper. You do not need to spend a lot of money to look good, but it does require a conscious and logical mind to avoid the shopping trap. There are way more things out there than our wallet can buy. At some point in life

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My Encounter with Zara: on Special Prices

FIRST ENCOUNTER The first time I learned about the brand Zara was in 2007 as a college freshman. I was walking around in Union Square in San Francisco when I stumbled into the store that I would later spend too much money in. Everyone knows Zara as a quality fast-fashion brand enough to know that

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