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Love at First Sight: Ann Taylor Varick Tassle Leather Gloves

After moving to the Midwest, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect pair of leather gloves that is functional, chic, and comfortable. I believe I’ve found it at last at AT – Ann Taylor Varick Tassle Leather Gloves┬áin wine color.


The best part is the color. Instead of the traditional black or brown, I opted for the dark, elegant, silky smooth, wine color. These little beauties are made with 100% sheep leather and 100% silk lining. They are buttery soft and keep my hands warm and comfy.IMAG0350

When you look at the details at the rim and the tassel, you instantly recognize the craftsmanship and care poured into them. They just came out this month for $79.50, but you can get them $39.75 or $47.70 if you purchase them at the right time.IMAG0352


In Season Items: The highest discount is 50% off. There are usually flash sales and lunch sales for selected items but rarely 50% off entire purchase. When you receive the email for 50% off regular price and you’ve been eyeing that shoe or dress or whatever, buy it.

Sale Item: The highest discount is additional 60% off. There are usually a couple additional 60% off per clearance season, but most of the sizes are gone after the first flash sale, so be nimble and decisive.

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