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Opus One, The Perfect Californian Wine Experience

The past time I went to Napa with my family, we decided to visit Opus One Winery. The label lived up to its fame with the grandeur of its architecture and layout. It was pointed out during the tour that from the entrance to the building, it is purposely made to look like a wine glass. You can see it from the aerial view.

aerial photograph Opus One Winery Napa County, California

It was difficult to capture the breathtaking view at winery. With influence from French Baron Philippe de Rothschild, the Mondavi and Rothschild partnership has a very heavy French classical influence. I had to use the panoramic picture from Jacob Rosen to attempt to convey its grandeur.


The iconic image on the wine signifying partnership between Mondavi and Rothschild.opusone_logo_shaded_rgb_calogo2340

I had made sure to make reservation in advance. For those that had forgotten to make a reservation, they were left to wander around. It’s beautiful outside, but you will miss half the experience from visiting Opus One. Any random picture taken from the mound is absolutely gorgeous.



The wine barrels from this year’s batch are stored in half circle around the tasting room. It’s quite amazing how the barrel placement can be turned into art.


While you only get to taste two glasses of wine, touring through the structure will make your time and money worthwhile. Every little detail during the trip is executed with precision and care. Pictured is Opus One 2009.



The deep red color from the Bordeaux blend leaves you lusting for more.


I recommend visiting in late spring when the winery is in full swing in harvesting and wine making. You will actually get to see their high tech machinery at work during your tour. Call them to make a reservation for a tour. It’s not enough to just taste the wine.


Opus One Winery
7900 St. Helena Hwy
Oakville, CA 94562
(707) 944-9442

After your visit to Opus One, Head on to Domaine Chandon’s bubbly experience and end with their in-house Michelin-starred restaurant, étoile.



And there you have it, the perfect ensemble.

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