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A Dose of Inspiration is Just What We Need | Winkydesigns.com

Remember those snazzy slap-on bracelets that were the hippest things in school? Now, what did they do other than being “cool?”

What if, they were made functional? Would you pick up one of these goodies again?


Meet Wink Designs, the brand that brought back these fun goodies and made them functional. these slap watches are fun and fashionable at a snap of your wrist.


And what makes it more amazing is her being a friend of a friend making it possible for me to interview her  about her journey from an accounting and finance professional on Wall Street to a successful entrepreneur at Las Vegas.


Be on the look out this week, Winky Wu will be sharing with us why she started, what obstacles she met, and how she overcame those difficulties and brought these snap watches and ideas into reality.

She is the dose of inspiration to those of us who aspires to pursue something different from what we thought we were destined for.

An exclusive interview with Winky Wu will be coming out later this week, be excited!

A word from our wise Quotesome Turtle

A word from our wise Quotesome Turtle

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