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Fashion | 3 Trends Worth Embracing This Season

It’s easy to spot the trends just by dropping into a couple of your favorite stores, some you like and some maybe not so much. I’ve picked out the 3 trends that I believe work the best with the most complexion and figure types: B&W, Pastel, and Lipstick Red.PhotoGrid_1398284657091

Black & White

This season, black and white goes bold. These two opposites make the perfect fashion statement.

1. Goodnight Macaron Monochrome Plaid Car Coat
2. Kate Spade Shore Road Laurel
3. Ann Taylor City Stripe Dress (styled here)
4. Ann Taylor Contrast Perfect Stretch Cotton Sleeveless Shirt
5. Kate Spade Lilia Heels


Pastels & Bows

Pastels give off a feminine and romantic vibe to any outfit, but with bow, it’s the epitome of elegance and class.

1. Banana Republic Heritage Leopard Jacquard Fit-and-Flare Dress
2. Zara Straight Cut Coat
3. Kate Spade Terra Skirt
4. Kate Spade Skinny Pyramid Bow Belt
5. Kate Spade Lilia Heels
6. Ann Taylor Ombre Yarn Die Stripe Scarf
7. Aritzia Wilfred Deesse Skirt (similar here, styled here)
8. Kate Spade Photo Finish Francis
9. Loft Anorak Jacket (similar here, styled here, and here) & Loft Seamed Flounce Skirt (similar here, styled here)


Lipstick Red

Bright, hot, eye-catching lipstick red is in for the season. I’ve avoided red all my life, but I’m willing to give that Zara red Gathered Shoulder Blazer a try (Did you know Duchess of Cambridge also sported Zara’s red blazer with gathered shoulders? See here)

1. Kate Spade Charles Street Audrey
2. Kate Spade Angelika Dress
3. Zara Blazer with Gathered Shoulders
4. Zara Flared Skirt (styled here)
5. J.Crew Skinny Belt
6. Kate Spade Racer Flats

If you were equally intrigued with that last flat like I was, there’s even a GO taxi flats. Imagine that.




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Reviews | Zara Picks: Spring 2014

If you’ve been following my posts (here, here and here), you would know that Zara is one of my favorite brands. It had always been on trend, reasonable price, and durable quality. However, this season, I set my eyes on two dresses and they’ve both returned as disappointments. PhotoGrid_1395764037743When I was browsing the “new this week”, these two dresses caught my attention immediately. The bold print on the left is perfect for summer and that subtle neutral/ivory colorblock is on the dot for spring.


PhotoGrid_1395765394651When worn, even with my petite frame of 5’4″ , it looked proportional even if it became an above knee dress instead of a mini on the taller model. The orange patches looked washed out on the model, but it is actually a fuller color.

PhotoGrid_1395765436298The back has a gaping hole held together by a weirdly designed button feature. It wasn’t shown on the model with her long hair, but it bothered me.

PhotoGrid_1395765888228Like: I love the bold print and the breathable cotton fabric. The silhouette looked flattering on my frame. It has pockets even though it is just a patch of cloth sewn on the dress.

Dislike: The dress is not lined. It felt very flimsy. Someone described it as a table linen upon touching it. The execution was rough and the stitches were coming off. If it were half the price, I might have considered purchasing it.

Verdict: I love the print, knew it would turn heads, but for the quality, I’d save it for something else. So back it goes.


PhotoGrid_1395765553359It looked like a beautiful dress and I wished with all my heart that it would be so when I received my package. When I touched the fabric, it dawned on me that with the rising material and labor costs, the quality can only go downhill. The fabric is not the thick and supple like the past structured dresses I’ve purchased from Zara.
PhotoGrid_1395765594283 I would give it full score for the design, but none for execution. The color is lovely, but the flimsy fabric allowed for unwanted folds and shadows, which is not flattering.

If you were excited that there were pockets, you would be exasperated when you see the lining.  It not only covers half of the dress, but the pocket area just look sad. And when I tried on the dress, the cheap polyester lining clung to my skin in a very uncomfortable way.PhotoGrid_1395765674470There is also an odd security like round impression on the side of the dress that I’ve never noticed. I suspect it was to prevent items been stolen from the factory and reproduced elsewhere.

Like: Love the color, love the design and idea, love that there are two pockets with the colorblock pattern

Dislike: The fabric is thin and not soft. It does not hug your curve, but instead bulges here and there in an unacceptable manner. The lining is cheap and uncomfortable and it is only half-lined.

Verdict: I really wished this dress would be better because I really like the design being so classy and elegant, but alas, for a made in China dress with hole on the side from the security tag, this is a heart sinking pass.


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