Food | Chocolate Buffet, the Perfect Post-Exam Relief

Congratulations to everyone who just took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE)! It had been a super hectic experience, but full of fun and surprises. There are a few things that we did not realize until the very last minute that 1) only No. 2 and HB pencils are allowed 2) cellphones are not allowed

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Fall is here and I’m back!

The color is beautiful in fall… OK. That’s not the reason for this post. This post is more personal in that I’ve decided to return to writing and sharing more tidbits of my life. Something special happened today and I would like to share it with you. You may have noticed the little cellphone jack on

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Be Back Soon (I Promise)

Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have been wondering whether I’m gone for good or whether there will be more posts. I’ve been occupied with law school lately (loving it) and hence no time to take pictures (even though I’ve got some great ideas stocked up). I promise I will get back to it

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Travel | Chicago: Where to Go

On our week-long vacation, we decided to road trip down to Chicago. Unsure of what to expect with regards to summer visitors, we purchased the city pass to avoid the lines. Being big foodies, we allocated enough time to enjoy our food and visit the sites. Since we visited many many places, I’ve divided my Chicago post

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Outfit | Red & Bow

It’s the same top and jacket, but I couldn’t decide which I like better, the burgundy or the navy. Each has its up and down side, but because of my indecision, you get to see both looks. The navy was more demure and the red more genki in my opinion, which do you like better?

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Outfit | Navy & Cropped

I love it when I find a versatile top that goes with absolutely everything namely my silk and cashmere bow top from Banana Republic. It’s the same top as yesterday’s with the red skirt and will be used again tomorrow for a slightly different color scheme. I know bow is not for everyone, but it

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Outfit| Red & Midi

Feeling the Monday blues? Counteract it with some red. Worn this skirt on my Facebook page last time, but never posted about it, so here goes. I was into a midi skirt craze seeing so many people wearing it, but had the hardest time finding one that fits me. Here I’m wearing the Zara red

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Outfit | Ocean Breeze

  Happy Friday, everyone! Can you guess where I am? These pictures have such a rustic look that you wouldn’t believe that this is at an alley on Santana Row, a shopping street in Silicon Valley, and the doors and windows are just wall decors.   I am wearing the baby blue Zara blazer from

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How to Build a Quality Work Wardrobe on Budget

When I graduated from college and started working, the most exciting part was actually building my work wardrobe. Of course it is never-ending and I still add to it from time to time. But if I had known then what I know now, my closet would only be filled with affordable, high quality, long-lasting pieces

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Outfit | Colorblock

Color-blocking, I feel, is the most eye-catching and easiest to accomplish pairing. Sharp contrasts like black and white, navy and white,  or color and neutral are the easiest color-blocking basic for starters. And speaking on contrast, it does not only apply to color. When  you have a simple basic skirt, choose a fun and embellished top to

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