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Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have been wondering whether I’m gone for good or whether there will be more posts. I’ve been occupied with grad school lately (loving it) and hence no time to take pictures (even though I’ve got some great ideas stocked up). I promise I will get back to it as soon as I find some time. I miss you all!


Travel | Chicago: Where to Go

On our week-long vacation, we decided to road trip down to Chicago. Unsure of what to expect with regards to summer visitors, we purchased the city pass to avoid the lines. Being big foodies, we allocated enough time to enjoy our food and visit the sites. Since we visited many many places, I’ve divided my Chicago post into “where to go” and “where to eat.”

First Stop: Chicago 360 |John Hancock Observatory



We went right before sunset and enjoyed the view from 94th floor.

Second Stop: The Cloud Gate aka The BeanDSC_0795The symbol of Chicago and every tourists’ photo site. We planned on visiting The Bean as early so we could to avoid the crowd, but the pull of “best doughnut in Chicago” necessitated us to line up at The Doughnut Vault at 7:45am before it even opened. (You’ll see the doughnuts in the “Chicago | where to eat” post.

Third Stop: The Field Museum


Meet Sue, the most complete and best-preserved T-Rex fossil ever. I was naturally drawn to the dinosaur exhibit, but if you are more into science technology, you’ll still love the Field Museum.

Fourth Stop: John Shedd AquariumSAM_0763Since the aquarium and the Field Museum are all on the museum campus, we compressed the two sights into one afternoon. My favorite part of the aquarium was the beluga whales. I literally spent half an hour looking at them swim.

Fifth Stop: Navy Pier Fireworks DSC_0701IMG_20140809_212158During summer, Navy Pier put on firework shows every Wednesday (9:30pm) and Saturday (10:15pm) night. There are a lot of people, but instead of crowding at the staircase where most people are at, try to go past the staircase and closer to water to get the best view.  (The fireworks is not in front of the staircase but more to the left and further end of the pier meaning the view from the staircase is quite horrendous.)

Sixth Stop: Art Institute of ChicagoIMG_20140809_142542

IMG_20140809_151214I see this painting so much, either in its original form, or parodied, the American Gothic is finally before my eyes. I chuckled as soon as I saw it.

Aside from this, there are an impressive collection of modern art. If you are into modern art, this is your place.


Another interesting exhibit was the Thorne Miniature Rooms. There are more than 60 exhibits glimpsing into European and American furnishings in different period. And if you are curious, these are made by master craftsmen using a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot.

Seventh Stop: The Driehaus MuseumSAM_0653

This is a little gem tucked near the Magnificent Mile. This palatial home from the Gilded Age was the most expensive house built in its age. For $20-25, we wandered around the rooms admiring Tiffany glass masterpieces and artworks.

Eighth Stop: Skydeck Chicago


This is the only time that the city pass is truly useful. With the VIP pass, we skipped more than an hour wait in line and went straight into the elevators. There are only 3 skydeck “boxes” that you can look down. There are long lines for each. Some tourists are obnoxious and just end up in your pictures. We took about 30 pictures and most of them had one or several people in it. You can always opt to have it professionally taken and purchase it afterwards.

Ninth Stop: Chicago Cultural Center


Chicago Cultural Center, one of the most visited attractions in Chicago, was surprisingly empty when we visited. I couldn’t believe that this was actually intended to be a public library, but I guess since its intention was “to impress and prove that Chicago had grown into a sophisticated metropolis”, it definitely succeeded.

Tenth Stop: Public Chicago

IMG_20140806_151958We stayed here closer to the north side to make our visit to Alinea easier.  But most importantly, I was so tired, seeing any bed makes me happy.

Where are your must visits that I missed? Let me know!

Sneak peak of my food adventure:


Outfit | Red & Bow


It’s the same top and jacket, but I couldn’t decide which I like better, the burgundy or the navy. Each has its up and down side, but because of my indecision, you get to see both looks.

The navy was more demure and the red more genki in my opinion, which do you like better?

DSC_0534 DSC_0543

Top | Banana Republic Bow Top (also styled here, here) ,
BCBG Cropped Jacket
Bottom | Zara Flared Skirt (old, also styled here, here)
Shoes | Enzo Angiolini Heels

P.S. I’m actually in Chicago at the moment, so I’ll be sharing my foodie finds and adventure there in later post 🙂

Outfit | Navy & Cropped


I love it when I find a versatile top that goes with absolutely everything namely my silk and cashmere bow top from Banana Republic. It’s the same top as yesterday’s with the red skirt and will be used again tomorrow for a slightly different color scheme.

I know bow is not for everyone, but it is so easy to style without worrying about which necklace to go with. And I believe that is the reason why I can get ready and out the door within ten to thirty minutes.
DSC_0549 DSC_0552 DSC_0553

Top | Banana Republic Bow Top (also styled here) ,
BCBG Cropped Jacket
Bottom | J. Crew Fluted skirt in double crepe
Shoes | Ann Taylor Evie Leather Peeptoe Pump

What is your go-to top?

Outfit| Red & Midi


Feeling the Monday blues? Counteract it with some red. Worn this skirt on my Facebook page last time, but never posted about it, so here goes. I was into a midi skirt craze seeing so many people wearing it, but had the hardest time finding one that fits me.

Here I’m wearing the Zara red flared skirt from SS 2014. I’ve been debating whether or not to keep it as it wrinkles almost instantaneously and is made out of a thin coarse cotton fabric.

While I do like how the skirt twirls when I spin, but it lays pretty lifeless otherwise.DSC_0508 DSC_0518DSC_0507

I’m loving the black and red combo especially with this BR top with silk bow. Another combination I tried was white with red, while it looks fine, the skirt did not stand out as much as the black does the red. And you can always try neutrals, florals, and stripes with your red skirt.

Top | Banana Republic Bow Top
Bottom | Zara Flared Skirt
Shoes | Enzo Angiolini Red Heels

Happy Monday!

Outfit | Ocean Breeze


Happy Friday, everyone! Can you guess where I am?

These pictures have such a rustic look that you wouldn’t believe that this is at an alley on Santana Row, a shopping street in Silicon Valley, and the doors and windowns are just wall decors.


I am wearing the baby blue Zara blazer from this season. I was drawn to it from day 1 because of its color and knew it would be mine. It’s such a pretty color and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Zara is currently selling these blazers for $39.99 down from $69.90. I know they are sold out online, but try your luck in stores, there just might be a few left in baby blue, yellow, or red.


I was debating whether too much baby blue might break the look, but it seems like it worked quite well. What do you think?


And I loved the rustic look of the door so much that I had to pose my Loft flats and bag. They are interestingly reminiscent of Anthropologie ads.


Top | Zara Blazer
Bottom | Express Stella Colored Brushed Sateen Legging (past season, again styled here, here, here, here)
Shoes | Loft Flats
Accessories | Ann Taylor Fish Necklace

Location ::  Santana Row | Olin Ave.

Thank you for reading,

Outfit | Colorblock

DSC_0294 Color-blocking, I feel, is the most eye-catching and easiest to accomplish pairing. Sharp contrasts like black and white, navy and white,  or color and neutral are the easiest color-blocking basic for starters. DSC_0302And speaking on contrast, it does not only apply to color. When  you have a simple basic skirt, choose a fun and embellished top to balance out the outfit or adorn with a statement necklace to remove the dullness.

If you choose a billowy top or bottom, make sure the top or bottom you choose to go with it is slimming unless you are going for a balloney looking effect, which to say the least is not flattering for any figure.DSC_0298 I am considered petite, border-lined at all cutoffs. Therefore, to elongate my figure, I can only wear midi skirt high waisted. Any skirts or pants that hit at my calf have seemed to mute my height and just seems like something is wrong.

Top | White House Black Market Silk Blouse (again styled here, here),
Bottom | Zara Skirt (old)
Heels | Enzo Angiolini Heels (again styled here, here)

You might have noticed my absence recently. I have been carried away playing with four newborn puppies and will be posting about Where to Go in Phildelphia and Pennsylvania soon 🙂

Outfit | Caramel & Cream

DSC_0422Ready for Mother’s Day weekend? I’ve opted for a caramel and cream outfit not just because the color is yummy. There’s a reason why this color is called neutral. It’s the color that works with any other color, but to be safe, I like sticking to similar color palette because it saves time and you always look fab.DSC_0432DSC_0433DSC_0440I’ve been loving this A-line skirt from Zara. There were three other colors available online and were all gone within a week. And this Zara blazer is cut at the length for perfect proportion. DSC_0428DSC_0436

Top | Zara Blazer with Peter Pan Collar (again styled here),
White House Black Market Silk Blouse (again styled here, here),
Bottom | Zara A-line Skirt
Shoes| Ann Taylor Evie Leather Peeptoe Pump
Bags | Coach Madison Leather Carrie Satchel (old)

Now make a reservation to a yummy place for your mom tomorrow and tell her i love you (if you have not done so already that is). What are you planning to do for you mom this year?

Thanks for reading,

Outfit | White on White

I never imagined going monochrome with my outfit, but white on white is surprisingly refreshing and crisp. With right amount of detail, ruffles, ribbons, and folds, monochrome doesn’t have to be boring.DSC_0264I saw this jacket on Zara and was attracted by the pleat in the back. It’s so cute and I just couldn’t get my eyes off it. The jacket in actuality is quite plain, but this extra detail is just captivating.

DSC_0267 And while white on white looks cool and confident with pants, it is chic and feminine with a crisp white skirt. I cheated a little by mixing cream and white for extra depth.
DSC_0280 DSC_0287 The Zara blazer is actually fairly lightweight and will be perfect for spring or summer.DSC_0290 How do you like my take on white on white?DSC_0291

Top | Zara Blazer with Peter Pan Collar (again styled here),
White House Black Market Silk Blouse (also styled here, here),
Bottom | Express Stella Colored Brushed Sateen Legging (similar, again styled herehere, herehere),
Zara Tulip Skirt (also styled here),
Accessories | Ann Taylor Belt s/o,
Shoes | Guess Rolene 2 Pumps

Featured: Zara Blazer with Peter Pan Collar2202266712_6_1_1

Like: The blazer crops off at a flattering place that elongates your body. The pleated detail makes the blazer interesting and unique. Also, it is lightweight and perfect for the season. And the cream and ivory color makes it look more sophisticated. There are also pink and lime green for the colorful.
Dislike: The golden snaps are difficult to take apart, I felt like I would rip the jacket if I pulled any harder. The price point of the blazer is comparable to a fall/ winter blazer, which for a lightweight spring jacket seems not as worthwhile.

Thanks for reading ^^!

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